That old saying “Fake it til you make it” was something I lived by for many years.

I must’ve faked so much shit over the years, there are times I just wonder if the real story of my journey is even close to being accurate.  I mean, you keep telling the same lies over and over again and even you begin to believe them.  We can literally convince ourselves of anything if we just keep telling ourself the same shit day in, day out.  Right?

Well, I’m going to take an unpopular stand here.  You see, I read The Secret many times (and listened to the CD in my car for probably 3 years straight.) and I recommended it to so many of my friends and clients over the years, as a resource for personal development.  Remember, I’ve read over 500 personal development books, so when I suggest something, people usually take it seriously.

So after years of standing in front of the mirror and spouting off complete and outright lies to myself…
And for those who read the book…telling the Universe that my parking spot was right beside the door waiting on me…which it NEVER was…

It finally dawned on me one day.  For years I had been telling myself and the Universe (or God, if you’d rather) that I was rich beyond measure, I was beautiful and healthy, my career was blessing me with abundance, and that everything I wanted in life was coming to me with ease…I looked at where my life was and cried out…BULL FUCKING SHIT!!  For years I’ve been telling myself this crap, for years I’ve been living as though my life was abundant, for years I had told myself and everyone around me that I was blessed beyond measure, and FOR WHAT??

My business was failing.
My relationships were shit.
My bank account was empty.
I lost my house, my car, and every dime to my name.
Most of my friends were so superficial and never even noticed how shitty things were for me.

You see…I WAS LYING TO THE UNIVERSE and it was getting me NOWHERE!!

So one day I decided to turn my back on The Secret and do something that was horribly painful…something so radical…something most of us never dream of doing!!  I decided it was time to be authentic and completely vulnerable and do something that felt horrible.  TELL THE TRUTH!

I began opening up my life, sharing my real story of loss, of pain, of the struggle with my weight and alcohol, with my failure as a partner and friend, the pure lack of financial responsibility I had in my life, and my extreme lack of self confidence and overwhelming insecurity.  And guess what happened!?!?!

I DIDN’T DIE!  In fact, in no time at all, friends came to my aid, started sharing their stories, confiding in me as their friend, and like pure magic, the drowning feeling I had each day began to lift, and what seemed like no time at all, my life began to take on an entirely new direction.  It was if the Universe said…FINALLY!

I can’t tell you that life is always great today.  I have some really stressful times.  And no matter how solid things seem, there’s always something that pops up trying to take me off course or challenge my foundation and resolve.  But today, because I share my authentic journey, stay open to my vulnerabilities, and NEVER FAKE IT, I don’t have to worry about MAKING IT any longer.  I trust the Universe will provide, without forcing it, and without faking it to anyone.

Give it a try…stop faking life.  And let’s see just how wonderful things can truly be when you just open yourself up to your wonderfully authentic and beautiful life, as is.

And if you need to chat about your own journey, or need some help getting clear, don’t hesitate to ask!
You can schedule an appointment for a FREE chat and I’ll gladly share what I can.

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