Have you ever just stepped back from your business and really looked at what’s going on?

We get so busy sometime just working the plan and keeping up with things that we fail to see some of the things that are still causing us trouble.  For instance, did you ever start with a list of “non-negotiables” for yourself? What about the list of characteristics of your ideal client? Didn’t you write down what qualities you wanted in your clients and what things you simply wouldn’t tolerate?

I get it…when bills need to get paid and money is tight, we can sometimes convince ourselves that we will just put up with whatever is happening at that moment and it will work itself out in time.

But does it?  I mean, let’s look at one quick example.  What is you set out and said, I’m not giving discounts to friends..you know you’re worth it, and they need your help just as much as anyone.  Plus, we all know that discounted pricing means discounted commitment and discounted service.  It’s just how nature works in that situation.  But now, you have bills to pay and you have two friends who desperately want your help and you decide to discount your program.  The next thing you know, they’re getting demanding about your time, they aren’t even doing the work you asked them to do, and on top of that, they’re still complaining about having to pay you at all.  Now, you’re feeling bad about it.  You’re starting to second guess what you’ve done, but guess what?? They want to send you two new clients, and of course, they told them that you did it for a discounted price.


Well, at some point, this little out of control train wreck as to stop.  And there’s no time like the present.  It’s best if you just address this whole thing head on, and end the madness for everyone’s sake.  In my experience, having a “direct deal” conversation with your friends and letting them know that you can’t work with them any longer or extend the discount to their friends is your ONLY logical option.  Will you lose a client?  Maybe.  Will you alienate a couple new clients?  Possibly.

But what you do achieve is pride and commitment to your non-negotiables.  You take back the drivers seat in your own business, and your own successful future.  I’ve learned that letting clients go (and also employees and contract workers) who just don’t continue to fit into my non-negotiables for my business and my goals is just good policy.  I won’t tolerate behavior that doesn’t support my high standards.  I won’t allow clients to downgrade my quality and commitment to excellent results.  It has been the cornerstone to my success!

What behaviors are you allowing in your business (and life) that bring down your productivity and the quality of your work?  Start today with a list of non-negotiables and stick to them!  What you won’t tolerate is just as important as your big goals and dreams, because it keeps you moving in their direction and not stuck or falling behind.

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