Just in the last two weeks, I’ve probably talked with at least 10 coaches who are really struggling to find new clients.  Most of them reached out to me because they have questions on how to drive more leads to their site or lead magnet, many of those have spent a lot of time building for themselves, or just paid someone a ton of money to create an impressive lead magnet, but they still aren’t seeing the droves of clients just filling up their inbox.

Why is it that we do so much work on building out the most amazing systems and programs, we know we can coach our asses off, we’ve created the slickest marketing and branding, and we have a decent following (although some of you have a TON of followers) but yet we still don’t see any traction with our sales??

Listen, I’ve been on this roller coaster many times myself.  I’ve sat back and critically looked at my business and all the work I’ve done and told myself…”You should have WAY more clients than this!”

I was the KING of building out my systems.  I’ve had more slick websites, pretty graphics, I’ve paid so much money to other people to “help” me do things better, I’ve even partnered with other pros in the industry who seem like they’re going to finally help me get things in order, only to see money go out, and very little return coming back in.  I really struggled.  I’ve beat myself up many times.  I’ve blamed so many others for sidetracking me and knocking me off my game.

But then, just like every time before, I took a step back and made ONE HUGE REALIZATION!   If it ain’t working, CHANGE IT!

Every single time I find myself in those places, like clockwork, I discover the one common thread…I’ve shifted my mindset to think that PEOPLE ARE BUYING MY SYSTEMS AND PROGRAMS,

and guess what…THEY AREN’T BUYING IT!!!

Just this week, I’ve had at least 3 conversations with people, face to face (zoom calls) who aren’t paying clients.  I literally spent hours talking, coaching, listening, strategizing and HELPING these people with whatever their problems seemed to be.  In several of these conversations, I even got asked by the other person why is it I was giving them so much time….I recall two of them even telling me they hated to be wasting my time.  WHAT??? WASTING MY TIME???  At what point in our culture did we decide that simply having a coffee chat with someone should cost your first born child? And that if you actually helped someone with someone that you were owed a fee for your so-called expertise?

You see, when you STOP SELLING and START HELPING, everything changes!!  When you shift your mindset to simply GIVING VALUE to someone else, the money train will always follow.  They might not ever buy from you, they might not even take your help and do anything with it.  But what you have done is “fed the Universe” with your value, and it will repay you.  A referral will come from that person you just helped.  A social media shoutout from that person for helping them will spark someone else in your database to reach out for help, and they will hire you.

When you shift your mindset away from selling people a product or your super-duper-slicker-than-slick new program, and really start listening and helping them with their problems, your bank account will begin to shift in an entirely different direction as well.  STOP SELLING, START HELPING!!

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