Have you ever felt beaten up by all the negative people around you?

You have a huge goal and big dreams, but every time you feel like things are about to happen, the rug gets pulled out from under you and you can just hear everyone around you saying, “see, I told you so.”

I’ve watched it with coaches for years.  They get so close to finally reaching to the top of the hill, ready to take advantage of the momentum like rolling down the hill at full speed, but something stops them.  Doubt, fear, judgment, or maybe even someone who sees you as competition says or does something to throw you off your game.

Whatever the issue, it’s time to stop doubting and start doing!

Over the years I’ve learned that the hardest part about success is this…
keeping my foot on the gas when things get good, and…
staying humble when I have the chance to face one of those nay-sayers.

Reaching your goals has nothing to do with anyone else but YOU.  And what others think of those goals or how you choose to get there is NONE of your business.

So kill the doubters and haters with your incredible success, and then bury them with your freshly whitened, gleaming smile and kindness.  Trust me…that’s the best feeling in the world!


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