“You win the game in the locker room first.”

Successful players know that the game is won in the locker room. The game plan revealed, the strategy mapped out, the offense and defense get their marching orders, and the team goes out united, playing full out to win the game.

Meet Me In The Locker Room

 Hundreds of Online Coaching Lessons
 Build Success With Each Level
 Weekly Team Coaching Calls With Jason
Private Facebook Group For More Support and Coaching
Video Replays Of Past Sessions
Play On The Team As Long As You Need It
Get Your Game Plan Each Week For Success

**ATTENTION** There will be special training events and coaching programs for members in The Fit Pro Locker Room!

#1 Online FitPro Coach

20+ Years FitPro


Are You Looking For Some Additional Mentor Coaching?

Join Me In The Locker Room Now!

→ Get Your Game Plan Each Week

→ Sometimes You Need A Pep Talk

→ And Sometimes An Ass Kicking

$497 (per month)

Stay at long as you’d like, cancel your subscription at any time.


How will I access The Locker Room?
The Locker Room will live both in a private Facebook Group as well as a Member’s Only site. All the recorded coaching calls, training videos, tips and tools we discuss, and invaluable business building posts will reside in both places so you can access them anywhere as long as you are still subscribed to the group.

How long can I participate in The Fit Pros Locker Room?
When you join The Fit Pros Locker Room you’ll pay each month to continue receiving all the mentoring. The payments will recur each month on the same day you join. If you decide to cancel, you can do so at any time, and you’ll be removed from the group. Simply stay as long as you want!

Will I be able to get one-on-one coaching from Jason?
This group is designed as a self-guided step-by-step program and group coaching sessions, led and facilitated by the #1 Online Transformation Coach and Leading Fitness Business Coach, Jason Long. Of course, posts in the group and zoom call trainings will give you plenty of opportunity to learn as much from Jason as possible. But, if you feel you need more one-on-one coaching, Jason is always taking new clients and would love to help you build your business.
==> CLICK HERE <== to fill out Jason’s Coaching Application if you need further coaching.


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