What an amazing interview I had with the outstanding leader and motivator, Chris Burns, founder and CEO of Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self.

Here are a few notes from this interview:
That fat insecure kid never leaves his side. Those old tapes and bullshit stories that he told himself hundreds of times seemed to never go away, and the roller coaster of life just repeated itself over and over again. One day, a friend had the courage to say the most hurtful things — “you’re just fat, lazy, and irresponsible.” What felt like the worst sucker punch, ended with the a quote that totally changed everything. Personal Development Master, Jim Rohn, once said “For Things To Change, YOU Must Change” and from that day forward, his life would never be the same.

With three degrees, 18 certifications in fitness, nutrition, and business coaching, along with his life-long battle developing his own healthy lifestyle, Jason’s personal journey gives him the foundation to passionately and empathetically coach anyone looking to change their habits and live their best life ever. As a Fit Pro Coach with over 4000 clients worldwide, Jason has become one of the most highly sought-after mentors for fitness and wellness professionals in all aspects of the industry. His candid and deeply vulnerable approach is quite infectious, but his incredible passion for empowering others to find their authentic voice and vision has made him invaluable as a leader in the personal development arena.

Listen in HERE:

– It’s not the big drastic change, it’s the little things

– 38 years of food addiction

– Be honest and authentic and admit where you’re not taking responsibility

– Why people pay Jason

– Fat shaming vs. tough love

– Vulnerability as a weakness – NO!

– Everything came easily to Jason early on

– Food and alcohol as numbing

– Sabotage

– What skills and beliefs are you lacking today?

– Limiting beliefs

– Release the program before you’re ready

– Why you’re not getting a response

– 10 raving fans

– Polarizing

– Filtering messages

– Fat, lazy, irresponsible

– Checking accounts

– Who do you have to become to have those goals?

– Brene Brown

– Vivid vision

– Different form who I was

– Be authentic and honest







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