Once you realize this, you start to get absolutely annoyed at all the excuses you hear come out of people’s mouths.  I literally can’t go more than an hour each day before I hear someone around me or see a post on social media where someone complains about (fill in the blank with an excuse here.)

“I was late to work today because my kids were running behind.”
“I couldn’t stop for coffee because traffic was so bad and made me late.”
“I couldn’t go the gym today because my boss is an ass and gave me more work to do.”
“I’m so tired because I couldn’t sleep last night.”

I don’t even have to break these down with the “why’s” for these things, there are many reasons why.  The important part here is this…

YOU make your own choices.  YOU are fully and 100% responsible for every single situation that happens in your life.  Not your kids, not your spouse, not your boss, not traffic, not GOD, not anything or anyone!

YOU decide to get up at the last minute after hitting snooze 10 times.  YOU allow your kids to dictate your schedule (and then blame them..which is an entirely different rant about shitting parenting.)  YOU decide what’s most important to you in your life.  And YOU sit back and allow things to happen out of your control because you aren’t willing to stand up and take charge of your own life.  YOU!

Trust me here…for most of my adult life, I blamed everyone else.

My business failed because of a bad business partner…NOPE…I allowed him to steal from me and push me around.  That’s MY fault!!
My relationships failed because one ex was a lazy SOB who lied about everything in his life, and the other a drug addict deadbeat who lied and cheated…HOPE…I knew both of those things and still thought I just needed to work harder and make more money, and if I loved them more they would change.  WRONG!!
I lost everything, my house, my business, my money, my friends because I let everyone else tell me what to do and I was just trying to please them….NOPE…I had every opportunity to make my own choices and live authentically, but I wanted to blame everyone else.  MY FAULT!

So now that I’ve spent the last 10 years working on myself, taking full responsibility for my choices, being authentically transparent with my life and my mistakes, it becomes painfully obvious when you see other people play the blame game.  It’s like an epidemic or something.  And when you see it, you just want to scream and tell people to STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!  It really is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it takes daily practice and reminders, but in the end, being vulnerably authentic and taking full responsibility for my choices has changed everything!!

Give it a try!

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