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“Jason is willing to take you to the pinnacle but you have to stop sitting back on your haunches or over analyzing how you will fail. Get out of your own way. Turn your ears into wide receivers. Let him take you to the promise land. The difference with Jason is he has the safety nets in place to break your fall and learn more so soon you can fly. I look forward to taking off with him. I hope you all do as well.”

Jon S.

Personal Trainer, Lost 170 Pounds, Changing Lives!, || Cleveland, OH

“Every great coach or leader has one thing in common.  They all hire their own coaches & experts to help guide them, push them and hold them accountable so they will reach their true potential.  If you’re an emerging leader, stuck in your business (or in your own head) about what to do next to propel you to superstar status, then you need Jason Long.  His expert coaching and exceptional business savvy will not only show you how to level up but guide you each step of the way. If you put in the work, he will work tirelessly alongside you until you’ve reached goals beyond what you ever thought possible.”

Jen J.

Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Coach, Happy Healthy Fit, || Washington, DC

“I have a huge social following, and I knew I was a good trainer, but something just wasn’t working.  Jason took my business apart, piece by piece, and helped me understand my value as a coach and influencer, then redesigned my business to work for me.  This guy is the real deal, and knows his sh*t. If you’re struggling in business, give everything you’ve got to working Jason’s program. He’s priceless!”

Pete R

Celebrity Personal Trainer, Fitness Model & Social Media Influencer, || West Hollywood, CA

I get it.
Sometimes you just need more info.

Starting the very first day, we’ll jump right into one of the biggest problems I see as a coach in helping Fit Pros build their business.  Not having a clear, written, and measurable vision for their business leads to what I call “Fire, Ready, Aim.”  When you don’t have a clear plan, you have no idea how to prepare, or who and how to target, therefore the message and effort goes unrewarded.  We’ll get clear right from the start, and build from there each day.

As we move into Week 2, we’re going to dive head-first into a topic most Fit Pros never consider.  When most of us decided to get started in the business our goal was to help others get healthy.  Just using Facebook, there are potentially over 2.8 Billion people you can reach, and many of think it’s our job to reach them all.  I’ll show you how becoming painfully authentic and transparent can narrow that margin down to just a handful of people who will help you grow an incredible business faster and more profitable than you ever imagined, and how those 2.8 Billion people are literally sabotaging your business. 

Week 3 will take us into some of the mechanics of your business, putting to use the business plan and the ideal client you’ve already discovered in the previous two weeks, and show you how to build a lead generating magnet that will drive your ideal client to you each and every day, ready and willing to pay for your help.  Without leads, there is no opportunity to sell and make money, and without money, you’re not in business.  This week we’ll get our hands dirty, and I’ll GIVE you the tools and some samples of successful, high averaging lead magnets that you can immediately implement and start building your prospect list now!

Once we get to this point, Week 4 is going to blow your mind!  You’ve got a clear vision, your ideal clients are waiting to hear from you and you’ve launched a lead magnet that will have them coming to your door every single day.  But at this point, most Fit Pros have no clue what to do next.  In this week’s plan, I’m going to be giving you the step-by-step guide to converting those leads to high-paying clients where the word “NO” never even comes into play.  With the tools I’ve paid over $150,000 for that I’m going to GIVE you for FREE, you better hang on tight because Week 4 is HUGE!

It’s time to get your business moving!  There’s no excuses now to wait around for another month just hoping things work out.  And I can promise you that no other Fit Pros business coach is out here giving away this kind of value to you for $179.  What have you got to lose?  Get started now and let’s build that dream business this week! 

ONLY $179

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