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Leading Fit Pro Coach, Jason Long, has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has coached over 4000 clients worldwide.

Both brand new and experienced personal trainers, to coaches building an online brand, and even full scale gyms and studios, there’s a coaching program that fits your needs, right here, to grow and scale your business to new levels. Let’s get started building your dream business and life today!

30 Day JumpStart

Cram course coaching guaranteed to get your business jumping in 30 days or less!

Locker Room Playbook

Level up your business with the #1 online Fit Pro Coaching Program.

Partner Program

Personally coached and mentored by Jason Long, Leading Success Coach.

“I have a huge social following, and I knew I was a good trainer, but something just wasn’t working.  Jason took my business apart, piece by piece, and helped me understand my value as a coach and influencer, then redesigned my business to work for me.  This guy is the real deal, and knows his sh*t. If you’re struggling in business, give everything you’ve got to working Jason’s program. He’s priceless!”

Pete R.

Celebrity Personal Trainer, Fitness Model & Social Media Influencer, West Hollywood, CA

“Every great coach or leader has one thing in common.  They all hire their own coaches & experts to help guide them, push them and hold them accountable so they will reach their true potential.  If you’re an emerging leader, stuck in your business (or in your own head) about what to do next to propel you to superstar status, then you need Jason Long.  His expert coaching and exceptional business savvy will not only show you how to level up but guide you each step of the way. If you put in the work, he will work tirelessly alongside you until you’ve reached goals beyond what you ever thought possible.”

Jen J

Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Coach, Happy Healthy Fit, Washington, DC


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